Auto-Populated Groups the Lotus Domino 8.5 Killer-Feature

Inspired by the post of Ulrich Krause you find here. I started to implement the autopopulated groups in our environment.

As described in his example, you have only to add a simple “subform” in the Domino Directory to enable the generation of groups using own LDAP Search formulas. With the help of the Softerra LDAP Browser 4.5 you find here, it was easy to create and prove you own searchFilters.

This feature enables you to have automatically generated and maintaned groups, using Department-Name, Location or what every field else you can imagine.

In our environment, we now automatically manage the “Staff” groups to be generated for all the locations, which was before a manual effort, which usally gets fast out-of-date.

With the following steps you can implement this autopopulate features also in your environment:

  • Implement the subform, as described on the website of Ulrich Krause
  • Define the selection formulas, with the help of Softerra LDAP Browser or a similary tool
  • Define you groups and using the selection formulas

Implement the subform

Simply a new subform has to be created:


As suggested by Ulrich with the name “Cusotm” and the alias “$AutoPoulate9999” which is important, because with the alias the entry will automatically detected as an possible “Auto-Populated” subform.

This subform does really need only one field “SelectonCriteria”:

Define LDAP Search with Softerra LDAP Browser

You can simply download the Softerra LDAP Browser from their website:

After you have started the LDAP Browser you have to create a “New Profile”:

Next you can define your profile, first give it a name:

Next you have to enter a domino server, where your LDAP Task is running:

If you didn’t configured it different, you will select as connection type “anonymous user”:

This is usually enough to get a working connection to Domino LDAP.

Opening the context menu selecting “Directory Search…” you will get a dialog, which you can test your selection querys instantly.

You can now define the filters, that you want:

and you have an interactive way to create complex querys:

Define you groups and using the selection formulas

After you found the selection formulas you want to use, you could simply add them to domino directory:

You simply set as “Auto Populate Method” the value “Custom” and in Selection Criteria the LDAP-Query, which you already have defined in the LDAP Browser.

After saveing the group, it will take some time till it is rebuild.

You can enforce the rebuild in the serverconsole with the command:

tell autopop process

I hope this helps you to enable this very powerful tool.

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1 Response to Auto-Populated Groups the Lotus Domino 8.5 Killer-Feature

  1. Robert says:

    Would you happen to know of a way to grab members from other groups via LDAP?
    If I want an autopopulated group containing members from other groups, in other directories, via Directory Assistance?
    I’ve fiddled around with (&(ObjectClass=dominoGroup)(cn=GROUP-NAME)), which works fine with ldapsearch.exe, but members arent populated. Can I specify the member attribute somehow?

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